Saturday, March 2, 2013

Make Your Winter Dresses Trendy With Cashmere Cardigans and Jumpers

A change in weather always makes people to think over the changes in their dresses and wardrobe. And especially during the winter and summer they need a definite change over in their dresses. No more they can use the same colorful and inventive summer dresses.
The winter dresses mostly don't look very trendy and innovative as the summer dresses. But the winter dresses can be still given a better look with the use of the cashmere dresses, cardigans and the jumpers.
Choosing the best cardigan
For the past five years since the beginning of the cardigan dresses, people have started to like them a lot and assume this to be the best outfit in the biting cold. Just wearing a simple cardigan over the t-shirt will give you the best look in your winter wardrobe. There are many and different types of cardigans and everything have some specific purpose of usage. A plain button down cardigan with a simple trouser and a white shirt will do the best for a formal office dress. Some delicate fabrics like the merino wool will also give the best warmth in the winter and thus you can also avoid the bulk silhouette suit.
Some chunkier dresses like the cable dress cardigans are also said to be one of the best casual wears. You can also wear this cardigan over to t-shirt for any casual occasion. The hooded cardigans also look the best over jeans and a t-shirt or may be it can also be worn under a blazer and this will make you to look great.
Selecting the best jumper that suits you
There are different types of jumpers to suit people with different look and physical structure. You can wear a crew neck jumper over a t-shirt whereas v-neck over a collared shirt. But the wool jumpers mostly make you look bulky by adding some unnecessary padding to your dress. But the merino jumpers are the thin jumpers that will give the best appearance and also the best warmth to protect you from the cold winter. The merino jumpers will also be the best office wear when worn over a shirt and a tie or under any suit jacket.

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